We offer a simple and flexible pricing structure where you are charged only for the number of resources that you need. In order to sign up, start with free trial by clicking a Free Trial button above. You will have an opportunity to design your package by visiting Settings page once you logged in to the system. For your convenience we include the pricing calculator.

Follow these steps to calculate your subscription price:

  • 1. Pick how many clients and employees you want to schedule. The minimum starting package is 25 clients and 25 employees.
  • 2. Select number of users that will need to access the system (your office schedulers). One user is included if you schedule 25 - 50 clients, 2 users when you schedule 51 - 100 clients. Beyond that one additional user will be added for each 100 clients/employees.
  • 3. Enter discount code if available and click on Calculate button to see your price.
NOTE: Prices are subject to change

Price calculator

Minimum: 25 Clients and 25Employees

1 Client/Employee pair = $1.00/month

1 User = $5.00/month

Included System Users:

1 user per 25-50 Clients/Employees

2 users per 51-100 Clients/Employees

1 more user added per each additional 100 Clients/Employees

Clients/Employees 25-1000
$25.00 /month
Included users
Additional Users Up to 19 more
$0.00 /month
Total price $25 /month