Dashboard page features interactive charts, graphs and mini reports that provide a quick insight into a well being of your business.


Client profile tab provides plenty of fields to keep information up to date. Additionally there are 5 fields under Other Tab that can be completely customized to suite your specific needs.
Quick glance over schedules tab will reveal client's schedules for the current week. You can easily jump to any week using date picker controls.
Client attributes tab allows to create and assign common attributes between clients and employees. During scheduling process the system tracks and displays percentage score of how well employees match to clients.
Create reminders for specific client or employee. The reminders are displayed in the Notification popup window in the upper right corner. Once they are cleared from notification popup, they are deleted from the Reminders tab as well.The reminders are visible to your entire team.


Employee tabs are very similar in structure and functionality to Client tabs. There are differences as well however, with one of them being the Blocked Times & Schedules tab. This tab will display jobs assigned to the employee for the selected week period. Additionally you can set a maximum number of hours that employee is allowed to work before going overtime. System tracks and reports overtime hours. You have also an ability to create and manage blocked times for the employee on this tab. Blocked time is a period if time that employee is unable to work.

Employee Portal

Give your employees ability to login into TimeCurve to view and print their own schedules. Administrator of the account can enable access to Employee Portal for all or specific employees. Once access is enabled an employee can login into TimeCurve using their own user name and password to view, download or print their schedules.


Create complex schedules easily. While competitor systems may limit you to split jobs overnight, we do not impose any limitations. Create jobs as short as 5 minutes and as long as 1 month! Overnight jobs are shown in a convenient tabular format that is easy to understand.
Easily assign multiple employees to the same client, whether for the same time or different times.
Create recurring jobs once and let the system take care of it week after week. TimeCurve Scheduler supports a full range of recurring options that you would normally find in a typical calendar software. You are not limited to recurring schedules however and one time jobs or recurrence exceptions can be created as well.
Unassigned jobs are always displayed on top of list and are easily identifiable by their light orange color.
TimeCurve Scheduler continuously tracks and warns you of overtime hours, conflicts, unassigned or under-assigned jobs.
Assigning employees to jobs is easy thanks to advanced list that can be searched, filtered and sorted by various criteria. TimeCurve Scheduler tracks employee availability and only shows those employees that are available to cover the job.


TimeCurve Scheduler offers over a dozen powerful reports with advanced customization options.
Reports can be viewed online or exported and saved in PDF and Excel formats.
Easily generate reports to track planned vs actual hours, overtime hours, unassigned jobs, employee availability, print schedules for employees and much more.


TimeCurve Scheduler supports advanced mutli-role user based access. Create and manage multiple user accounts with multiple permission options. Easily add, activate and de-activate users.