TimeCurve Software is privately owned and was established in 2002. We released our first employee scheduling software for Windows PC's in August 2003. TimeCurve Scheduler for desktops was highly rated, successful product used by hundreds of small to mid-size businesses across the globe. Our current line of products also includes an online version of TimeCurve Scheduler designed from ground up based on a decade long experience in development of sophisticated employee scheduling systems.


The mission of TimeCurve is to help various businesses to cut operating costs and improve efficiency of their staff scheduling process. Our talent, technical expertise, and understanding of tough scheduling requirements that many businesses have makes us a preferred scheduling software vendor for a wide variety of institutions.

Media & Press

Entrepreneur Magazine in their "Keep it simple" article, recommends TimeCurve Scheduler as a solution to simplify and increase efficiency of daily scheduling process.

Full article can be found here.

TimeCurve Scheduler included in Ceoworld Magazine "Top best Employee, staff Scheduling planning & Workforce Management Software Solutions"

Full article can be found here.