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TimeCurve Scheduler is a web based employee scheduling software, designed to meet employee scheduling needs of small and mid-size business such as Home Care agencies, HVAC Technicians, Pet Sitting and Cleaning services and in general, any business that needs to schedule employees to service clients and/or locations.
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System Features

  • Create complex schedules
  • Tracking of conflicts and unassigned jobs
  • Checks employee availability and tracks overtime hours
  • Attribute matching between clients and employees
  • Full integration with QuickBooks
  • Detailed reporting
  • Employee Portal
  • Multiple, role based user accounts
  • Integration with select government billing systems
  • Telephony punch-in / punch-out (Electronic Visit Verification)


  • Saves time and money by automating scheduling, invoicing and payroll processes
  • Warns of conflicts and overtime hours
  • Tracks employee attendance via telephony punch clock
  • Eliminates unnecessary paperwork and manual data entry
  • Print and hand out or email schedules to your employees
  • Eliminate scheduling, invoicing and payroll errors
  • Free trial available

TimeCurve Advantage

TimeCurve Scheduler software comes with our outstanding live technical support as a part of your subscription. You also benefit from our continuing technology program - TimeCurve Scheduler upgrades and enhancements. This reflects our commitment to meeting your needs today and tomorrow as we continue to add new capabilities to TimeCurve Scheduler and work in partnership with you.

Loved By Our Customers

With TimeCurve Schedule it is very easy to arrange the schedules. The scheduler tells you in advance if there are conflicts before submitting the schedules. It lets you print all kinds of reports, and reports are convertible to excel spreadsheet, as well. Highly recommend.

Diana K. Comfort Keepers

One of the best features of TimeCurve for our business was automation of invoicing and payroll via connectivity with QuickBooks. The chore of creation of invoices and payroll went down from day and a half to under half hour. Together with excellent scheduling features TimeCurve makes an excellent option for any small business using QuickBooks for invoicing and payroll.

Jennifer G. Chicago Professional Center


Our system is deployed in reliable and highly available Amazon Cloud environment.

The system supports:
  • Automatic data backups
  • Secured transactions
  • Encrypted passwords

Payment and billing information is not stored in our database.